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Large Aero Structure Assembly for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

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Pressure Box
Pressure Box

Southern Precision Machining was contracted to construct a pressure box by a customer in the aerospace and defense industry. This box is a structural assembly used for military programs. This unit was constructed of 8 individually machined parts, composed of 7050 aluminum plate. Complex machining processes were carried out to manufacture the parts according to supplied drawings and models. Advanced high speed 10,000 RPM 3 and 5-axis machinery was employed, along with a floor assembly jig. Extensive assembly using Floor Assembly Jigs are necessary to assembly this structural part. This assembly uses 12 different fasteners including high locks, nut plates, and inserts. A total of 384 individual fasteners were used in its construction. Prior to assembly the component parts are treated with type 1 chromic acid anodizing for enhanced corrosion resistance, along with primer and top coat. The assembly process required extensive sealing and room temperature bonding.

This assembly was extensively tested and inspected, including CMM geometric validation, and NDT testing techniques to evaluate part properties and ensure the assembled components exhibited no gaps or leaks. Finished dimensions of the pressure box were 18" x 20" x 40", completed in a 10 week turnaround time. 14 units are shipped annually to the customer. For more about this precision pressure box fabrication or the other high speed machining and assembly capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.