High Speed Machining Of Complex Shapes for the General Aviation Industry

Southern Precision Machining was commissioned by a customer in the aviation industry to fabricate a custom emergency exit door, used in a general aviation application. 7050 aluminum plate material was machined utilizing our 5-axis high speed machining center. Requiring deep pocketing, and a profile tolerance of .030”. A true position tolerance of .015” was achieved for bored holes. Post machining, the door is finished with chromic acid anodize and required extensive masking for primer and top coat. CMM inspection is required to certify part accuracy and compliance with CATIA V5 MBD standards.

Overall dimensions of the finished door were 36” in width, 40” in length, and a 6” thickness. This project had a lead time of 12 weeks, and 6 pieces were shipped to the customer. For more details about this exit door machining project or the other critical machining capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.

Emergency Exit Door (Front)
(click on thumbnail to enlarge)Emergency Exit Back (Back)
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