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Ground Support Equipment for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

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A customer in the aerospace and defense industry contracted Southern Precision Machining to fabricate a stanchion that would be used as a part of C130 ground support equipment system. This non-flight related component was composed of extruded aluminum, manufactured using 3-axis vertical CNC machinery and assembly jigs. The complex assembly as called for in the supplied drawings and models machined and assembled using custom hardware, requiring a true position tolerance of .030". The part was finished with a protective anodizing treatment. This assembly required extensive stenciling and identification. Thorough testing and inspections were conducted including CMM validation.

Overall completed part dimensions were 60" length, 40" width, and 4" thick. Turnaround time for this fabrication was 10 weeks, and 14 units are shipped yearly to the customer. For more information about this custom stanchion manufacturing project or the other critical machining and complex assembly capabilities available, please see the table below or contact us directly.